Food Allergen Information

On the 13th December 2014 new EU legislation is coming into place that means all food businesses (including childminders) need to provide information about the allergenic ingredients in food.

These are the allergens to be aware of:



I will be keeping receipts of the food I serve and if you want to know which allergens are in the food then please ask me.  I always keep close tabs on the food children eat in my care and have full details of any existing allergies.  This will continue to be a focus of the information I find out when signing up a new child and parents will have time to look over the information released from the Food Standards Agency.

Here’s some further links:

A leaflet from the FSA:

Click to access FSA%20-%20allergen%20info%20leaflet.pdf

And a poster with more information about the 14 allergens on one page:

Click to access top-allergy-types.pdf


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